Smoked Salmon

When you have tasted Wrights of Marino Smoked Salmon you will not settle for anything less

Wrights of Marino Smoked Salmon

At Wrights of Marino we use the finest fresh Atlantic salmon which we hand salt and cure for 8 hours to our recipe.  The salmon is then gently smoked over oak chippings, in the slow traditional way for another 8 hours, to ensure a distinctive flavour & texture.  After the smoking process the smoked salmon is then chilled before it is sliced (if preferred) and vacuum-packed to be ready for delivery.

We can arrange for a side of Wrights of Marino Oak Smoked Salmon to be delivered, gift boxed & wrapped, with your compliments anywhere in the world by courier service (DHL Express).


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The Smoked Salmon Process

Our famous smoking process

Stage 1

Intake of whole Atlantic salmon

Stage 2

Whole salmon is then filleted & pin boned by hand

Stage 3

Fillets of salmon are then hand salted & cured for 8 hour

Stage 4

Salt is then washed from salmon & the cured salmon is then racked on the smoked salmon trollies

Stage 5

Trollies rolled into smoke chamber & smoked for 8 hours

Stage 6

Smoked salmon is then chilled before slicing & vacuum packing